Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I want to get back to my city by the bay

Nothing makes me more ready to go home then the incident I just had to deal with.

I am doing my laundry so that I can pack to fly home tomorrow. My stuff was finished in the washing machine and I went to take it out. The door would not unlock and I kept pulling on the door until in frustration, I went to the RHO. She called the machine people and they said to wait. So I went back to kick the door in anger and the door magically opened. The awful machines that take my stuff hostage, No.

Tomorrow I will be flying back to California. This is the first time I have been home in four months, same as last year. Except this time around, it was so much easier. This semester has been quite the ride.

I've made progress in my graduation requirements (SPANISH IS DONE FOREVER!!!!!), I've established myself in the department but yet, I still haven't been cast in anything.

Now here the real reason I haven't been posting anything about auditions is because I am so unbelievably frustrated with them. For the last two years, I have been called back for every show that I have auditioned for and never been cast. I am clearly good enough to be called back so why can't I get cast?

One day it will happen. It might not be for another year. We'll see.

And all of this frustration right before finals. Not a recipe for success. But I had one sit down final and all take homes. It's been a not so hard finals week.

Now, I am just ready to go home and relax and start to work on more monologues for........August. It's what I do.

Overall, hats off to this semester. It's been a good time.

And I got an A in Theatre Topics! Only five of us did. I feel smart.

Now I will listen to "Lights" over and over. Thank you Journey for writing an awesome song about my city.

Have a happy Christmas, or Kwanza or Hanukkah!!!