Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Once upon a time you dressed so fine

Hello everyone,

So I know that I have really dropped the ball on blogging since my return across the pond. I was getting so good at updating everyone on my life.

For me, summer is not exactly one of the most exciting times of my life (I mean, let's be serious, I'm still stuck on London). I have a job working at an Irish pub in Sonoma called Murphy's and I find that this kind of food service is much more bearable then working for a caterer. People are so much meaner to cater staff because we are coming into their territory versus when someone comes into a restaurant, they are coming into OUR territory. But I do find that people love to ask me if I got hired because of my red hair to which I answer "Maybe". I am still on fill-in shifts but am slowly gaining some more.

I have plenty of time to get some reading done and that's about the most exciting thing that has happened all summer.

Well, this is my life as of right now. There is truly nothing interesting going on. Now, enjoy some pictures from my life right now curtsey of my iPhone.

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