Sunday, September 11, 2011

For those we've loved and lost

Ten years ago, a nine year old sat in her living room in Singapore and watched as the World Trade Center collapsed. I didn't understand what was happening but all I knew was that it was a very bad thing. I didn't go to school the next day and spent the two years I lived in Singapore learning all about terrorism and its atrocities. There is nothing like realizing at the age of nine that your country of origin is far from perfect and that most countries hate it.

A few weeks later, Singapore held a memorial service for the victims of the attacks. Over half of the audience was Muslim men and women who were there to pay their respects. George Bush ruined that when we entered the war.

Now as I watched clips from the memorial service this morning, I began to cry because I finally understood what had happened.

In fifth grade, I remember distinctly that I said that instead of building a new building in the place of the twin towers, that there should be a park built as a memorial to the victims. It's as though the city of New York listened to me. The memorial looks beautiful and I'm glad that they chose to go with a classy and thoughtful remembrance of the people and the towers.

May no other children experience such pain and horrors in the future. May Obama realize that the war in the Middle East is pointless. May the victim's families feel happiness again and may the United States grow stronger from this.

There are many ways to recount our memories of this and I find this one to the the best.

God Bless the victims.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Your mother should know

Hey everyone!

So I just decided to take a video of my room so that all the family members could see the splendor of my single. I just realized that I could do that with my iphone. Quite wonderful.

Stress is hitting me like a large train because of my classes but tomorrow is Friday!!! Major excitement. And I just ordered a 3 foot by 5 foot Irish flag for our dorm room for, get this, one cent! So amazing.

Now here is the promised video.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

And here's to you


Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

So I just finished my first week of classes for sophomore year! This week felt incredibly long like each day itself was a week. My classes are bound to be challenging but they are not going to be as bad as I feared on the first day of each. My classes are definitely going to be interesting. I hope this semester goes well.

Washington DC has recovered from it's ridiculous weather problems of last week and hopefully that tornado watch does not go into effect. I'd rather not feel like I'm living in Kansas.

Fall shows are coming up and some of best friends here at Catholic got cast in Tartuffe! Sammi Smedley is play Mariane (first 2014 girl to be cast in a mainstage!), Brenden McMahon is the police officer, and Amy Horan is Filpote. I am incredibly happy for them and am hoping I can finish my tech hours my doing costume crew on that show.

My dorm this year is super nice. I'm living in Opus Hall which was built in 2008 and is the environmentally friendly building on campus. I have a single in a suite of five girls and the room itself is accualty pretty big. My roommates are all really nice and chill and similar to me so I don't have to worry about any differing ideas like last year. I'll post pictures/ take them when I get my new posters to put up.

Today, I'm going down to the Kennedy Center for Page to Stage which is an event involving new playwrights and such. Two of our playwrights are doing readings so I'm heading down their today to hear their shows and support the people reading them. I'm excited.

Well here's to a good semester!