Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here's to us. Who's like us? Damn Few!

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year!! Today my family finally finished with the 12 days of Christmas (meaning parties all the time) and I can relax and work on stuff.

I know that I have been absolutely terrible this semester about ever writing on this blog but I figured that I should do my personal favorite post, which is the round-up of the past year. So without further ado, here is 2013:

1) I moved to London for four months which was my first time living outside of the country by myself. I remember that I was so nervous in the airport before my flight that I wanted to run out of the airport and hide in my bed. It turned out to be the most incredible experience of my life which I miss everyday
2) Performed Joan Le Pucelle in the Rose Theatre
3) Traveled to Paris and Berlin, my first time in Germany
4) Went to Ireland for the first time since I was two years old
5) Saw 21 British plays
6) Played my dream role, Lady Macbeth, in Leo's class
7) Mastered the Tube
8) Quit my catering job, enough was enough
9) Worked in a bar, Murphy's
10) Traveled in LA and went to the Pinup Girl Boutique for the first time (exciting for me) and met Doris Mayday, my pinup idol
11) Started my Senior Year of college, not happy
12) Participated in a new work, So Snow in which I played a hospice nurse named Yolanda
13) Took the ever-ridiculous Forensic Anthropology class, got an A- and learned a crazy amount about the human body
14) Wrote my first ever fifteen page paper for Senior Seminar about Playing Shakespeare
15) Experienced the government shutdown in DC
16) Went to Maryland for Thanksgiving at my cousin Aileen's house
18) Did not die during finals week
19) Finished my Theology and Social Science requirement forever!! 
20) Got to playing Lavina from Titus Andronicus in a directing scene
21) Finished my applications for Guildhall, RADA and LAMDA
22) Got new headshots that are pretty damn good
23) Lost two boys that I went to high school with, Stevan and Thibault 
24) Met my cousin's baby, Daniel Huckleberry, cutest baby on the planet
25) Turned 22! (what?!)
26) Celebrated the 12 days of O'Neill Christmas,  now I'm real tired

Wow, so I actually packed a lot in this year. I left out some of the more trivial ones like my addiction that I developed for Breaking Bad (maybe bad word choice). I haven't really thought of any New Year's resolutions other then losing all the weight I just gained over the 12 Days of Christmas. I have my Drama school auditions coming up soon as well as rehearsals beginning for Etiology (the mainstage). Here's to a grand 2014, hope it brings my return to London!