Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lights Will Guide You Home

Hello everybody!

This is the point where I assume that everybody consists of one person and their cat. This is the problem I have with blogging is that I write one post and then leave the blog for so long that it turns into a ghost town with tumble weeds rolling down the abandoned streets.

So I'm sorry about that. Please bear with my sporadic nature. My summer was very straightforward. I worked at Murphy's, read a lot, and hung out with family. But it was nothing special. In fact, when people at CUA welcomed me back to the country, I almost entirely forgot that I had been home for four months and instead felt like I had just gotten off the plane from Heathrow. If only that were the case.

So, I'm back at CUA and just finished my first week of classes which in my humble opinion is the absolute worst! I'm still in shock to be in DC and not London and am trying to reconcile my life that exists right now. This means a lot of looking at pictures from the spring, reading Shakespeare, listening to Johnny Flynn and looking at all of my bits and bobs gathered in England.  It also doesn't help that I'm a Senior in college and things are getting serious. Anyone? Any advice on how not to totally die in an emotional wreck this year?

Luckily we have a three day weekend so that gives me a shorter week coming up on the horizon. But as usual, its full of auditions and Forensic Anthropology and mini papers EVERYWHERE!!! It also is stressful to think about my applications for (drum role please) British Drama Schools which I need to start working on.

As you can see, there is a lot happening in my life right now. I'll try to write a bit more but I'm not promising any miracles. But you, big announcements could be in store or a rant or two may be needed.

Well thanks for handling my flakiness.