Thursday, January 1, 2015

In Days of Auld Lang Syne

Hey everyone!

Again, sorry for the radio silence but my life is busy. Well here I am to write my favorite post, my New Year's wrap up. It's really nice to look back at my year and see all the things that I have done. I get to look at pictures and old posts from the year. Here we go.

2014 was a big year for me. It was the year I graduated collage and made a huge move down to Atlanta for the apprenticeship. As a kid, I never would have imagined that this would be happening. Hell, in 2013, I didn't know this was going to happen!

Well here's my list!

1) Graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama!
2) Passed my senior comps with Honors
3) Auditioned for RADA, LAMDA, and Guildhall
4) Was in my first and only mainstage of college, Etiology
5) Went to RADA for the summer and did Measure for Measure again
6) Traveled to New York City alone for the first time and actually had a very good time regardless of the fact that I was terrified to go.
7) Went to the Ford's Theatre Gala, the most VIP event I've been to in my life
8) Took the train up to New York for the first time in a very long time. People bitch about it but I loved it.
9) Experince the snowyest DC I've ever seen
10) Had quite the Saint Patrick's day
11) Saw great plays in DC, New York, London and National Theatre Live
12) Saw my first show at the Globe, Antony and Cleopatra, standing right in the front
13) Did my first speaking role in a Shakespeare play (a bit abridged) Triolus and Cressida
14) Helped work on Gilbies
15) Had my first paying work, The Art of Dress (I was modeling, not well though)
16) Went to Baltimore for the first time
17) Lived in DC for the two months after graduating from college
18) Worked at Meeps and Ford's Theatre
19) Finished my seven grad school applications and am gearing up to knock those out of the park
20) Got accepted into the Horizon Theatre acting apprenticeship
22) Got jobs within 48 hours of living in Atlanta: Dogwalking and Escorpian
23) Babysat the craziest identical twin boys for four months
24) worked on Madeline's Christmas, Horizon's childrens Christmas show. I started out dreading having to work on it but it ended up being quite a great experince
25) Saw a lot of new things in London even though it was third massive trip to the best city in the world
26) Done lots of dogsitting in the past four months
27) Spent thanksgiving at a fellow apprentices home and had a great time
28) Had my family come and visit me for Christmas
29) Went to the Botanical Gardens to see the amazing Christmas lights show
30) Owned my first car, a 2002 VW Bug!
31) Moved into my own house for the first time
32) Went to my first Pride (I say went but was really watching from inside the restaurant)
33) Particapted in the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade for Horizon
34) Rang in the New Year in style (for which I am now paying for)

Wow, a lot happened this year! Like a lot happened! I hope that every year is as full and exciting as this year was for me! Happy new Year everyone and have a great 2015!