Monday, January 23, 2012

So sue me

Today in Washington DC is the March for Life, which is when Pro-Lifers come from everywhere to argue to make abortion illegal as they march on the Capitol. Because I go to The Catholic University of America, all of these people come to stay on campus the day before the march and we have to see them. I am one of those few members of the Catholic population who is Pro-Choice which makes me as bad as Satan today.

Now I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The reason humans are much more complex then animals is because we have the ability to reason and form our own ideas. My big thing is that I won't force my ideas on you if you do not try to do the same to me. Which is why the March for Life pisses me off.

I think the government should not have the right to tell me what to do with my body. If then did, then America would become more and more like those darn Communists. Then we may as well institute wire tapping with the occasional idea thrown into your conversation by some government worker listening in. America was established on the principle that people could be free to do what they wish (within reason) without being prosecuted and Pro-lifers are in essence trying to take a vital part of that away by saying "Abortion is murder". First of all, most doctors will not perform abortions after a certain point because it would be murder. They only can perform them in the first few weeks because the baby is still an embryo and feels nothing.

Also, in cases such as rape or incest, women should not have to be forced to go through the painful ordeal of giving birth because it is not their fault these things happened. Also, the government is mostly constituted of old white men who will never have to experience this decision for themselves.

But if I dared express this sentiment to any of the Pro-Lifers, I might get punched in the face.

And nothing is more anger provoking then those peoples status which state "When you decide to come to THE Catholic University of America, don't be so surprised that it is a Catholic university who actually follows through with the Church's teachings. The Church happens to be pro-life in case you didn't realize that when you sent in your enrollment deposit." Yes, I know the Church is pro-life and I shouldn't be stopped from coming to this school because I disagree with one thing the church stands for.

And also buddy, we live in America where FREEDOM OF SPEECH is one of our core values. Why should I not be allowed to express my beliefs in a mature and peaceful way just because the school I go to happens to follow a religion with some antiquated ideas?

I'm sorry about this rant on such a controversial issue but I had to get it off my chest online because I really can't do it in person today. But it's comforting to know that I am not the only Pro-Choice person here.

And that I am not as narrow-minded as some of the people on this planet. Thank mom, for making sure I saw the world before I began attempting to form ideas about it.

Anyway, I have rehearsal now and soon this retched day will be over. Thanks for dealing with this.


PS: One of the best comments I heard today was some kid say "I went to the March to meet girls. And then I realized they were all Pro-Life".

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My persuasion can build a nation

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't posted in forever. The first few weeks of the semester are always really chaotic especially because I'm doing Seven right now, which opens in two weeks. Everyone in the Capital Beltway area should come and see it because it really is an important show for people to see.

It was created by an organization called Vital Voices which helps women around the world try to create equality. Seven is about seven women from around the world who are major figures in women's rights (Hilary Rodham Clinton is in-cahoots with a lot of them). This play tells all of their stories and helps get the message out about how important these women are and how women's rights are also incredibly important.

It's an incredible play. Everyone should see it. And the cast isn't half bad.

Anyway, this is going to be an interesting semester academically because I have some interesting classes as well as professors.

My math class (which is basically created for those of us who can't do any form of math) is taught by an older German man who has a very strong accent who will sometimes direct his lecture at the door jam that he fidgets with. Way to make math even harder for me.

My Contemporary Moral Issues class is taught by an eighty-year-old nun who totters around the room and rambles about all the people she has met throughout her time as a nun. I'm worried that she could be very biased in her ideas but then again she has told us this won't be a religion class.

Anyway, I'm working on applications right now for a summer internship and my study aboard I want to do (which is stressing me out a little).

I also made Dean's List for last semester which makes me very happy!

And it snowed last night and it stuck!!! But now it's all icy which annoys me because of my lack of a good inner ear.

I hope everyone's January is going well because mine is!!!


PS: Beyonce's "Run the World" is the perfect song for Seven

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Raise your Glass

First of all, Happy New Year!!!!

My New Year's Eve was uneventful and pretty chill. I went to dinner with my mom, watched The Hours and then watched the ball drop in Times Square. Now I am laying in my bed with my cat next to me.

2011 was a good year. Nothing too horrible happened and a lot of good things happened. Like last year, here is a list of the major life events that happened in 2011:

1) Was a part of Troy Women
2) Had my first not-terrible Valentine's day
3) Was a part of Post Secret
4) Spent Easter Break alone and was totally happy
5) Finished my Freshmen year of college
6) Had my first real summer job (two accualty)
7) Moved out of my home in Mill Valley and to Sonoma
8) Saw the end of the Harry Potter series (Childhood officially over)
9) Started my Sophomore year of college
10) Finished my Tech Hours!!
11) Got called back for every spring show
12) Got cast in none of them
13) saw Martin Sheen
14) Found roommates I accualty like
15) Got a 3.5 GPA!!!
16) Finished my Spanish Requirement!!!
17) Turned 20

So that's all the big things that really happened this year. It was a much better year then 2010 (what with all those rejections) but here's hoping that 2012 kicks all of their asses!!!!

Here's to 2012!!!