Sunday, January 1, 2012

Raise your Glass

First of all, Happy New Year!!!!

My New Year's Eve was uneventful and pretty chill. I went to dinner with my mom, watched The Hours and then watched the ball drop in Times Square. Now I am laying in my bed with my cat next to me.

2011 was a good year. Nothing too horrible happened and a lot of good things happened. Like last year, here is a list of the major life events that happened in 2011:

1) Was a part of Troy Women
2) Had my first not-terrible Valentine's day
3) Was a part of Post Secret
4) Spent Easter Break alone and was totally happy
5) Finished my Freshmen year of college
6) Had my first real summer job (two accualty)
7) Moved out of my home in Mill Valley and to Sonoma
8) Saw the end of the Harry Potter series (Childhood officially over)
9) Started my Sophomore year of college
10) Finished my Tech Hours!!
11) Got called back for every spring show
12) Got cast in none of them
13) saw Martin Sheen
14) Found roommates I accualty like
15) Got a 3.5 GPA!!!
16) Finished my Spanish Requirement!!!
17) Turned 20

So that's all the big things that really happened this year. It was a much better year then 2010 (what with all those rejections) but here's hoping that 2012 kicks all of their asses!!!!

Here's to 2012!!!


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