Thursday, May 10, 2012

Home is wherever I'm with you

Hey everyone!

I am home for the summer as of Sunday and am now just trying to find a job and not get too bored. My Internship starts in a month and then I will be super busy but I am excited, while at the same time exceptionally nervous.

Have a fun May everyone!!

I'll try to post updates of my summer but somehow, this always falls by the wayside.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm beautiful in my Way

So I got back my philosophy paper on the moral justifications of legalizing gay marriage and I got a B-

Not a bad grade but my professor (She is an 85 year old nun) wrote it was because I didn’t write about the fact that being gay is not natural and can’t produce children. I went to talk to her about it and she made no effort to understand that I was not talking about children but about the fact that it is not equal rights. She kept going on tangents about random stuff and I kept having to say "I wasn't arguing that". Then I started to cry because I was frustrated and mad about the fact that she wouldn't listen to what I was saying. Then she told me that I was wasting her time.

I think my grandparents are more liberal then her.

I'm glad that I was raised abroad and in San Francisco because at least I understand that we are all humans and all deserve the same rights.

Things like this make me really dislike my university sometimes. Now I'm going to listen to "Black or White" and "Born This Way" so I can feel like people understand equality.

And then the bookstore wouldn’t buy back my books because they had “No value”. I bought them three months ago, I mean come on! But no finals now for two days! And them home to the city of Equal Rights on Saturday!!!

 Right now to make it through finals week, I have the fond memory of Gilbies/ Fake Prom last Sunday.  They both were exceptionally fun and are my favorite event of the year. Fake Prom this year was exceptionally good because there ended up being two hours of the best music ever: 1950s/1960s Rock and Roll. Think The Four Seasons, Roy Orbison and Elvis. I also had a new dress to wear from PinUp Girl Clothing which is the best site ever! Here are some images from that great night:

I hope everyone had a good day!