Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Hello everybody!

So here I am just finishing up my fifth week of classes! What the hell happened?

Monday started out as the usual torture of exercise day. We started the morning happily with Simon's class and did voice work and such. Then we moved onto Sue's class in which I was partnered with another kid from Catholic named Christian, who was our local celebrity for class because he was good at doing stuff. We then moved onto creating poses using counter weight. Christian and I's were named "Saturday 3 AM, Siamese Dogs, Last Twelfth Night Ticket, and Icecapades". They were true works of art. Later that day, we had Stage Combat in which we came up with a little combination with the swords. We ended the day with Period dance in which we learned a new 17th century dance called "Jenny Pluck Pears". The name might be the best part. Then we were done for the day but not for me! I had a Skype audition at 1 am with the Great River Shakespeare festival in Minnesota for a summer apprenticeship. It actually went really well and I liked that way of doing an audition. Then I passed out that night and slept well.

Tuesday started as usual with acting and we went straight ahead to doing the animal work. I was the Brown pelican and Kathy finally said it worked! No more searching for animals. We also did our tempos and Kathy said mine was ok, but the overall consensus was that Kathy and I both needed to analyze my character. Then class was over and we had SPT in which we finished talking about The Duchess of Malfi. It was actually quite an interesting class and I enjoyed it. That night, we went to see a show in the West End called Privates On Parade. I got to Lecister Square early and walked around and discovered some cool little things around the theatre. Then we saw the show which was starring Simon Russel Beale and was a conflicting show because I enjoyed it when I first saw it and then not later after analysis. After the show, a group of us went back to the Chandos to celebrate Sara's, another girl from Catholic, birthday.

On Wednesday, we found out that our physical theatre class was cancelled and we did not have to start our classes until 11:45 am. It was magical. We had Shakespeare and Leo gave us our speeches. It was a bit of a let down because they are all from Measure for Measure and I have one of Angelo's, a role I will never play. Then Leo went around and worked on them with us, except me, which was equally as frustrating. The we had our break and I had audition with Ros later. This made me feel better because we finished working on my Restoration piece and are now moving onto to Major Barbara and after, Richard III!!!! I am so excited about this now. That night, we had a dance workshop in which we learned the Waltz and the Quickstep at the order of Kathy. It was kind of difficult but I seem to be getting the hang of these dances.

On Thursday, Valentine's Day, we started out the day with a tour of Middle Temple, which was one of the inns of court were Twelfth Night was first staged. The tour did not start out so well because the porter told us that he didn't know or like Shakespeare and didn't know how we, as Americans, could possibly could. After that moderately insulting start, he told us some very interesting things. We then poked around Middle Temple and left to go get food. We ended up on Fleet Street, which the Musical Theatre Nerd inside me was freaking out about because Sweeney Todd is my favorite musical. I ended up stopping at a place across from a very large Judiciary looking building and ended up in the Twinings Store, which was enjoyable. I was also super happy because the weather was beyond beautiful. I then came home for a very long break in which I began my bizarre Valentine's Day tradition of watching The Departed. I then had my Alexander session in which I learned that my back and everything around it are exceptionally sore from class and my horrid bed. I did not leave this session feeling relaxed. I then returned home to finish watching my movie and do some work.

Friday morning began well with Dramatic Criticism in which we analyzed Desolate Heaven. I need not talk about that play ever again. Then we had a break and then an Elizabethan Song workshop which I was really excited about. It was the biggest let down of my life because we only sang for five minutes out of a 2 hour class!! Waste! This made me feel annoyed throughout acting when I could hear the other group singing. In Acting, we then went through two more of the Stanislavski questions and it kind of felt like the first day again. Kathy did have some good insight that I most definitely will use.  Then the day was over and that night a group if us went to a place on High Street for Rockaoke, which is Karaoke with a live band. A bunch of us sang (including me doing a great version of Cleo Green's F*** You!!) and had a great time cheering on the other people that sang. When we left, me and Summer and Laura and Mike wanted to go into Kensington Gardens which was closed and accidentally ended up on Royal grounds that no one is meant to go on. Then we came home and called it a night.

The next day, Saturday, me and Laura and Kyra went to Portobello Market and spent the whole day there. The market was massive and stretched for what felt like miles along one road. There was everything imaginable from vintage jewelry to old cameras and food. I wandered down what I believed to be the whole market and returned home happy and wishing I was wealthy. Then I spent the night in and did some work on essays (of which we now have two, thanks universe) and reading as well as watching Dirty Dancing. Then I went to bed.

Today, me and Summer and Laura and Becca went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard which was much less exciting then we were expecting it to be. It was still amazing to be at the palace and made me happy to be in London. Then we returned home and later that day, because the weather was so exceptionally nice, went for a walk up to Kensington Palace and sat and worked on my Angelo speech out in the beautiful sun. Then I went to Wagamama and came home feeling quite flushed from my very spicy food. Then we had a rehearsal for all of our dances and combat and am now home writing this post.

And that's been my week. Onto the sixth week here!

Bye Bye!

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