Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunshine gives me a lovely day

Hello everyone,

So here I am in my last week at LDA. NO! I refuse for this to be a thing.

Anyway so last week was an interesting week for me.

Tuesday began with my last Alexander session at nine am. It was brutal because I was dying of my sickness and kept coughing and stuff. Dee did table work with me and gave me some cough drops to help me out. Then that was over and my day was over because I had worked on my acting stuff the day before and someone else could have my slot. So I spent all day working on my Dramatic Criticism paper and chilling out and working on acting. I was super sick and needed to chill out. Then my day was over.

Wednesday morning started out with four hours of Shakespeare, in which we worked on Measure for Measure the entire time, as usual. We did an Oprah style talk show in which we asked the Angelo's and Isabella's questions about their lives and tried to help them create characters. I wish Leo would do that with Macbeth, we are seriously shafted in that class. Then we looked at one of the scenes from Measure that we work on every session and the four hour class was over. It was not too unbearable and was kind of fun with the talk show. Then we had SPT in which we talked about Mrs.Warren's Profession and it was like every other class. Through Christian did have to read my speech from Voice and it was super strange to hear someone else say the speech. Then Danny and I rehearsed that afternoon on the scene in Loyola, which is a giant hall not made for rehearsing that scene. I was dying by the end and called it a day after working on that.

Thursday morning started out with Shakespeare as usual and this time, Leo had us broken into times so we could go off and rehearse our scenes. Danny and I had a slot at 11:30, about half an hour before the end of class, and we did exceptionally well in it and Leo kept telling us to "print it" which means to set actions in stone. Leo also told our whole class that he wanted us to sing a song at some point during our showings. Great, we'll just go and figure that out. Then we had a long break because of the faculty meeting and we had our last SPT class ever, in which we were talking about Top Girls. Naturally, it was a straightforward class and then it was over. We then went to see Peter and Alice that night starring Dame Judi Dench and Ben Whishaw. Their acting was both incredible, even though the play was flawed. Then we lucky students of LDA got to meet Ben Whishaw and have a lengthy conversation with him because he was one of Ellen's students at RADA. He is an exceptionally nice man and very down to earth. Sometimes the idea of being a celebrity makes me forget that someone is still a human being and capable of human feelings. Before leaving, I managed to tell him that his Richard II was one of the most incredible things I had ever seen and made me love the play. It was well worth it. Then I went home and had to edit my Dramatic Criticism essay.

Friday morning started with our last Dramatic criticism and we discussed both of the plays we had seen that week. The most enjoyable moment of the class was when we were discussing the use of a live baby in A Doll's House and someone stated that they did not think the baby was a believable enough actor. OK, you got me there. We turned in our journals and papers and that was that. I am going to miss Simon's class a lot and I don't want to think about things ending. Then we had Shakespeare and Acting, except I just had Shakespeare because Kathy was sick and only wanted to look at certain scenes. So Danny and I finished working on our scene with Leo and then we all had to pick out songs to use in our transitions. We decided on "Blackbird" and "Blue Jay Way" by The Beatles for our song. Sense was not used in the decision process. We then presented our songs to Leo and he liked them and wanted to tweak them around as usual. Then my class day was over and I went to the doctor later that day. I decided to suck it up and pay the 65 pounds to see the doctor. It was quite an experience. His office was really just someone's house that was turned into an office. It even had a fireplace and nice looking things in the office. He checked out my lungs and said they were fine and told me that it had to do with my sinuses. He gave me a prescription for some antibiotics and ended my consultation by saying "No fags, no men, and no alcohol; and you will be fine". Sound advice sir, sound advice. I then went to Boots to get my meds and got a hold of them and proceeded to spend the res of my night relaxing and trying to get better.

Saturday began nice and early with some pills and then I woke up and decided to go to the Southbank. The weather was quite nice, though a little cloudy and I had a grand time. I walked from the Embankment tube stop across the bridge to the Southbank and walked past the National theatre (went in the bookstore for the last time), the Globe (and walked into their bookstore quoting Measure for Measure in accident) and then made my way to Borough market. It was a joy to be there as usual and I enjoyed some high quality foods. Then I turned around and walked back the way I came but kept going past the London Eye, which was surrounded by low budget, somewhat strange people dressed as characters (mostly squeaking ones), and crossed the bridge in front of Westminster. It was nice to see the incredible government building from this angle and kept walking to St.James park. I stopped there for a little bit and watched what I believed to be pelicans for a little while. Then I kept walking up to Piccadilly Circus and walked up to Green Park to catch the bus. I am obsessed with the buses in London and will sorely miss them when I leave. Then I made my way home, got some dinner, and continued to relax while my amazing meds continued to rapidly fix my health.

Today began with me waking up and taking meds and discovering that the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Like really, it was 63 degrees and all I needed was a cardigan to stay warm. I wore a skirt and walked around Kensington Gardens for awhile and watched all of the birds flying and the kids playing. I watched one kid get reprimanded by his father for accidentally kicking a soccer ball in the pond with his father saying "See what you've done!" I kept saying this over and over to myself because it was funny. I then ran into Mike, someone from my program, chilled with him for a little bit and then walked home to wait before going to a party at Ellen's. Then we left to go to Ellen's flat for a little party in which most people were cooking food and we got to have a nice homecooked meal for the first time since we had been here. Ellen has a gorgeous flat up at Highgate (near Hampstead) and we chilled out there until late tonight. Most people were drunk when we left but since I'm taking my joyous meds, I am not allowed to drink until Thursday. Well, things could be worse.

Anyway, that has been my week and I go into my last one here. I will cry, so help me god. I feel a lot better health wise and will keep you updated.


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