Friday, November 19, 2010

Believe in the magic that can set you free

Last night (Or technically early this morning) I was at the midnight premiere of Harry Potter 7. My little group arrived at the Georgetown movie theater at about ten and waited in the theater for two hours. I've never been to a midnight premiere for anything in my life and it was a great experience. The audience reacts a lot more to things, mainly because basically everyone was a college student. The whole day, I was acting like Kristin Wigg in the SNL sketch "Surprise Party" and attempting to do my work in class was a fail.

Let's just say, David Yates finally got it right. Everything about the movie was quite good with the exception of some of the crazy-cheesy lines about fire within ones heart. The cinematography was the best it's ever been for any of the movies. I mean, it was absolutely incredible. Everything in the movie was strangely exactly how I had pictured it when I was reading the book which hasn't happened with these movies since the first two. Yates included a lot of what I would consider literary and societal metaphors with the ministry and it's similarities to 1984 and the Nazi regime.

My childhood was complete with this movie (Hence I referenced one of favorite songs when I was six, Do You Believe in Magic). I realized that the first book came out when I was six and the last movie will come out a few months before I turn twenty. Harry Potter has been my childhood and Yates, you did well.

Now, onto Summer 2011!


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