Monday, November 15, 2010

Ride like the wind at double speed

So it is about a week until Thanksgiving which means that December is a lot closer then one would think. That means that I will be going home a lot sooner then one would think. I've already busted out some Christmas music, on November 7th (I soon realized that it might be a little too early for that).

I'm in the throws of school right now and am procrastinating right now from writing an English/ Drama essay and study for my philosophy test. How does one exactly study for something that they don't understand? Enter in how I feel about Aristotle and you have your answer: not studying and instead planning where to go eat when I go home in December. Right now I have about sixteen places on the list. They consist of:

1) Joe’s taco lounge
2) Café del soul
3) Juanita Juanita
4) Mill valley market (for Sandwichs)
5) D’Angelos
6) Hunan
7) Grilly’s
8) Pizzeria picco
9) The red grape
10) Della santini
11) Pearl’s
12) Stefano’s
13) Bungalow 44
14) Toast (I wonder if Jimmy still remembers me, this was the diner across from where I worked over the summer)
15) Thep lela
16) Whole Foods

Let's just say, I will have my work cut out for me. This list is what I daydream about when I get bored in class (Cough, Philosophy).

Along with all my school work, I am also working on a project for the TA for my drama class. He is a second-year MFA Directing student and needed a bunch of us to act in this five-minute piece that he is directing. It's been a constant ray of sunshine in my life over the last week mainly because every rehearsal has been so entertaining.

Today, I had to make a run to Target to get basic stuff for the dorm and went to Marshall's to get some costume things for this project. Along with those purchases, I made one quite good and hilarious one. Christmas socks. But not just any old Christmas sock. No, these have ice-skating cats on them and are the equivalent to the bad Christmas sweater. Needless to say, these socks made me even more excited for December so that I can wear these crazy socks.

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


PS: That last Glee episode has made me want to listen to "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones pretty much every ten minutes. That's the blog title.


  1. I like this posting. It makes me hungry. A few places that I thought you might want to add to your restaurant list;
    Carneros Deli for sandwiches
    El Molino Central in Sonoma - You will love it.
    Stir Fry at home

    Should we go out for your birthday dinner?

  2. Oh and trader joe's cranberry walnut bread