Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen adieu

Troy Women closed on Sunday. To say that I am sad is almost an understatement. Yesterday was rough because I was getting myself all ready to go to rehearsal at 6:30 when I remembered that I wasn't going to be having rehearsal. I cried a little bit about that. I miss being covered in fake blood everyday (It did smell really good) and laughing until I couldn't breathe. It was such a great experience and made me so happy that this was my first full-fledged thing I did for Catholic Drama.

The show was a rousing success. Everyone who saw the show said it was amazing which (not to toot my own horn) it was. The direction, everything came together so well and the two seniors that were in it were absolutely amazing. There is nothing better then knowing that you were part of a great process that ended with a great show. I've been getting compliments from people I don't even know around the department and it feels great. I've been in plenty of shows where the whole process sucked and the show ended up being good. I'm one of those people that needs a good cast and the process can be awful as long as I have good people, but a good process is always nice.

Now begins the taping of things to my dorm room wall such as the program, pictures from the show, and the poster from the show to remember this great show. I'm glad I was so happy with this show and was offered the chance to be in Troy Women. Thank you so much Lindsay, Joanna, and Alison!

I'm doing a performance comp when I am a senior. No questions asked. I want to have this experience again:


PS: The blog title was the song we would always sing to one another at the end of rehearsal so it seemed only fitting.

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