Thursday, July 7, 2011

As the years go by, our friendship will never die

Hey everyone!

Happy belated fourth of July! My family went and enjoyed the wonderful beauty of Lake Tahoe (which translates as "big water". Original, isn't it?)for the holiday weekend. I got to spend a lot of time with my four year old cousin Maura Rose (who I call Rosie). Hanging with her and my job at the theater camp got me to thinking about my childhood versus theirs.

For example, last week at camp, the younger kids (who can be a total nightmare sometimes) were doing Toy Story as their mini-musical. All of the kids knew what it was and were vaguely familiar with most of the movies. For me, the whole week was like a throw-back to childhood. I am basically the same age as Andy was and grew up with the movies. I cried my eyes out in the last one because it spoke to exactly how I was feeling about college. Most of these kids will never feel that way about Toy Story but will find this feeling in something else. Another movie/ book series I feel this way about is Harry Potter. As would be expected.

Another thing that completely throws me is when some of the kids tell me about how they have iPods and email and yet they haven't even entered fifth grade. Technology is so much more advanced then it was even five years ago. Case in point would be when I found my old elementary school computer games. When I tried to replay them again yesterday, the software was too old to be used. That depressed me. I remember pining for a Walkman when entering fifth grade because that was the "cool" new technology. Now I rarely use CDs.

At the same time, I am far too young to be entering the old grandpa, "kids these days" rant because I really haven't seen anything. Maybe I just feel this way because I've always been like an old grandpa with my choice in music and movies and clothes.

But things can still be the same. Rosie marvels over the amazing The Sound of Music the same way I did and plays with dolls (named Rose's Baby, nothing else) the way I did. The kids at camp still crave to be in the now like I did with this one last wonderful thing from my childhood:


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