Thursday, April 5, 2012

But I would not feel so all alone


So as usual, I have not been posting anything because this semester is a real kick in the ass. But if you read my blog last year then you will understand why I can finally post again.

It's Easter Break!!!!

I celebrated my first day of break by going to Georgetown and got food at Sweet Green and went shopping around (but bought nothing). Tomorrow I plan on going to lunch at a place called Founding Farmers which has organic food. I am very excited.

I stumbled across this really cool bakery today that would fit well in San Francisco. It's called Baked and Wired because it serves coffee and baked goods. The whole store makes plays at the term "baked" and makes references to 420. Hence why it will fit in well back in California. Everything about Georgetown in so beautiful, I love it.

My shopping today consisted of buying stuff on my new favorite site, Pinup Girl Clothing. I plan on buying my dress for my cousin Aileen's wedding from there and the stuff I bought is what I have been lusting over for awhile. Also excited about this.

It will be very nice to relax for the next few days. I'm going to see Strange Interludes at Shakespeare Theatre Company on Saturday and am very excited. I've heard it's good.

Well that's the low down on my life. I have three weeks after break and then I am done with my Sophomore year. That is so scary!

Well, I'll keep you updated on my break. Hopefully it will be loads of fun. Now I am relaxing watching The Aviator after TWO Lifetime movies. They are ridiculous but addicting.

On another note, today I was leaving a bookstore and an old black man loudly said "Oh My God, Hello!". I said hello back and kept walking. It was kind of odd but flattering.

Well, Bye-Bye!

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