Thursday, October 18, 2012

When shall we three meet again

Hi Everyone!

Sorry my life has been incredibly busy the last few weeks. But I have some big news: I'M GOING TO LONDON!!!!!!!!

I found out last week that I got into the London Dramatic Academy for the spring of 2013. I am unbelievably excited and can't wait to fly back to London in January. I've been missing the city ever since I left way back in April 2010.

I get to take acting classes on Shakespeare as well as period dance and an amazing class in which we go and read plays where they were produced in the city.

Well back to the present. Hedda Gabler went exceptionally well and I had an amazing experience being able to go through the entire rehearsal process. I just wish I could have gone onstage at least once. Hopefully I'll be cast in a mainstage next year. At least I have London to look forward to acting all day, every day.

Today my directing professor (who also directed Hedda) laughed with me about the fact I'm such a Shakespeare geek. It all came about because one of our assignments coming up is to come up with how we would produce Macbeth if we were directing it. Basically everything I am doing in that class is Macbeth because the paper I just wrote is about three separate productions, this next project is about it and I've decided to use it as my final scene for the class. I love it.

Also we just finished with our Freshmen showcase. Because we are juniors now, we were directing it. It was strange to look at the freshmen and realize that was us only two years ago.  I can't believe I've made it to this point in time.

Anyway, that is my life in a nutshell. I'll try to keep writing more.


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