Sunday, March 31, 2013

Life flows on within you and without you.

Hello everybody!

Happy Easter!! Hello Jesus, how was your two day nap?

Anyway, so my time in London is starting to round down and I am so not OK with the fact. So this is what happened in my last week.

Monday started with a rehearsal for our movement showing. Becca and I worked on "Dreamscape #9" and had it where we wanted it for our showing later that day. We then had a very short voice class in which we kind of worked on our speeches and then we had to go downstairs for our Movement showing. They actually were very good and sad and poignant because we were all watching how much we have all grown in the class. Chanelle's movement piece was dedicated to how much she had grown and I almost cried. Becca and I's went very well and everyone loved it. We then had to say our goodbyes to Sue, who was heading out to South Africa very soon. We wanted a picture with her and as a joke, someone suggested we lift her in the air. Sue took it seriously and we lifted her in the air! There is a picture of it somewhere out there. Then we had a break after this and had to get ready for our Period Dance showing. Angela made a massive deal out of the showing and had the whole thing organized out and we turned out to only be doing it for three people. But hey, sometimes that happens in theatre. All of our dances and introductions went well and once it was over, Angela got the hell out of their and we moved onto our Stage Combat showing. Gordan had us rehearse which my partner and I desperately needed. We then did a dress rehearsal which basically was our showing, worked for a little more (in which my partner and I FINALLY got the fight), then did it all over again. Then the day was over and Summer and I booked it over to Piccadilly to see Old Times, the Harold Pinter play. It was amazing and I'm so glad that I managed to get tickets for it. I did not understand one bit but I loved it anyway. Then we returned home and I went to LDA to work on my audition pieces because I had to present all four of my pieces the next day.

Tuesday began bright and early with Alexander at nine am. In this session, Dee and I looked at a picture I had drawn of myself in the first session and compared it with the one I did in this session. She then terrified me because I told her I had some neck tension and she said that I may develop a widow's hump later in my life and would have a hump. She then told me that I had progressed a lot in this short amount of time and it made me feel very good. Then I returned home for a little bit before I went to Acting. In my session with Kathy, I finished doing my actions for my scene which was nice to get out of the way. Then later that day, I had an hour session with Ros which was wonderful. I showed her my three speeches and we worked on Joan and Major Barbara again. We spent the last ten minutes working on Lady Anne which I was very excited to work on. Then I returned home and worked on stuff for Leo and chilled out in my dorm.

Wednesday began as usual with Leo and I did not actually work with Leo at all in the class session. I was rather annoyed about this because it meant that I was not going to work with Leo for two weeks. Then we had our voice class in which we did various exercises to help us with our monologues. Then we sat up and presented them and Simon said that mine sounded lovely, which was nice to hear. Then we had to run toe Leicester Square because we were having a walk for SPT. This time, we were getting a tour of the 19th century theatre, the London Coliseum. It was incredible to see because it is incredibly large and ornate with Roman-like motifs and large symbols of empire. We saw the fly rail, the balcony, the royal box, backstage, the circle, and part of the stage. Then Christopher sat us down and gave us a lecture on the 19th century that started out interesting until he kept repeating himself. Then he led us out to the main theatre road at Piccadilly and we were on our way home to rest before seeing a show that night. We went to see People at the National Theatre and I loved the show, mainly because I found a spirit animal in the old woman Iris, who hid fried potatoes in her pocket and had a hump. Then we returned home to rest before class the next day.

Thursday was a unique day because we had Acting for the entire day. Our autobiographies were also due and I had luckily finished mine two nights before. We started out our morning with all 21 of us working on the Waltz and then moved on to breaking up times we would all work with Kathy on. I dragged in my friend Mike to play the lady plaintiff because I had to physicalize my actions and needed someone there to do it on. My session was a disaster. I had forgotten to bring my picture which Kathy was unhappy about, and then Kathy wanted to add something to my character which freaked me out and then I proceeded to do the exercise all wrong and talk too fast. Luckily I had Mike there with me to comfort me after the session when I was on the verge of tears. Then my day was over and we could celebrate the fact that it was our Easter Break! We went out that night o celebrate Mike and Mia's birthdays which are a day apart and had a wonderful time.

Friday morning, I woke up at 7:50 am and could not go back to sleep. Later that day, Becca and Mia and I went to The Breakfast Club and had brunch for Mia's birthday. We all absolutely loved it and then moved on our day to the Tower of London which we three had all been dying to see. I decided to walk around the Tower envisioning myself as Lady Anne and wondering how scary it would be. There were so many tourists there that it became a bit hard. The weather was also sub-par but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. When then sat in a Starbucks for a little while and talked about our lives with one another. Then we started our journey home, which I broke off from to go to Piccadilly circus. This was because I was going to 3 Saville Row, which was where the Beatles played their famous and final rooftop concert. The building was nothing special and people kept staring at me as I ogled over the building and took pictures. It was incredible to see because I kept seeing the footage of the concert played out in front of me. Then I returned home and watched The Boat That Rocked and The King's Speech that night (trying to stay British) and went to sleep.

Saturday I slept in and got breakfast from the cafeteria with Becca and then it was time for us to go off and see the show The Low Road, at the Royal Court Theatre. We had a mildly nightmare-ish time trying to get there because the Tube was all closed but we got there in the nick of time and got settled to see the show. It was a great play except for the terrible ending which included aliens beaming down to Revolutionary America. The play was shockingly relevant because it dealt with capitalism and sounded exactly like everything that was thrown around during the election. It was a great discussion starter and Becca and Mia and I passionately discussed the play and America over an Indian food dinner.  Then we returned home and did the same kind of vegging out, in which I watched Ian McKellan's Richard III (for some character research you know).

Sunday, Easter, Becca and I decided to go for a walk through Kensington Gardens although the weather was far from Easter-like. We then wandered down High Street and reminisced about the first day we were in London. Then we returned home and she went off to Brunch and I stayed home and worked on Leo stuff. I chilled like this the rest of the day and am doing so now. Jesus had to rest for a little bit too after he was resurrected.

Anyway, that has been my week and I will keep this going for a little bit longer more.


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