Sunday, March 17, 2013

She's beauty and she's grace

Happy St.Patrick's Day everyone!!!

So this has been a very busy week for me! Classes have been going along and stuff has been happening.

So Monday started out with Sue's class. It actually was very nice to be back in this class because we had not had it for about two weeks! We worked on making movement pieces using circles and did our handstands and things. Then we had voice with Simon and we did a nice long vocal warmup and then the remaining people read their monologues for dialects class. Then we had a break and then we had Period Dance. My corset was fitting much tighter then usual and it made the class a bit hard. We worked on all of our dances and I finally perfected the Mister Beverage's Maggot! It felt great and is a beautiful dance. Then we had Stage Combat in which we finished choreography our fights and got dialogue for the beginning of the fight. Mine is from a play called The Devil's Law Case by John Webster. Then the day was done and I went home to work on things. My audition class got cancelled for the next day so I had very little work left to do.

Tuesday began bright and early, unlike most, with an Alexander class. It was very relaxing even though we were doing it in Ellen's office. We learned that day that Kathy was snow bound and that we were not going to be really having class but we still had to come in to work on our animals and stuff. I changed my tempo to a flicking person singing "Paint It Black". Then I decided to go to the Old Bailey and had one of the strangest experiences. I got to the building and learned that I could not bring my bag into the building so I had to go leave it at a travel agency down the street. I met a old British man in line who used to work at the CIA and told me about how the British law system worked. When he asked me why I was there, I lied and said that I was planning on studying Law at Harvard and was going to Georgetown. The case itself, I could not figure what it was. But there were eighteen barristers all wearing wigs and robes and collars and there were four women. It was very interesting to see and I was there for about two hours. Then I came home and did all of my work.

Wednesday started with Leo's class and we were supposed to have voice after that but Simon was sick so class was cancelled. I did not work with Leo at all in this class but the work he was doing with people was very good and I thought it was working out well. The best moment of this class was when Leo was trying to help Sara get the gravity of the scene and he kept saying " I have a hamster is condemned to die?" We then had a break and then had Space Place Text, now taught by Christopher. He lectured us about The Rover for a little while which was rather dull and then we acted out Act 3 of the play which was much better. Later that day, we had our second dance workshop for the Waltz and Quickstep and we all did so much better! Then the day was done and I had a lot of work to do on my Leo scene.

Thursday started with Leo's class and I managed to work on my Macbeth scene at the end of class but Leo did not give me any good notes because he only worked with us for ten minutes. The best moment of the class was when Torian messed up a line and Leo laughed so much, he began rolling on the ground. This class never ceases with the random outbursts from Leo. Then we had a break before we had Space Place Text again this week in which we talked about The Beaux Stratagem. We followed a similar pattern to the class before and had an entertaining time with the acting out of scenes because when it comes to casting, gender is disregarded and it makes everything wildly entertaining. Then we had a little break before we had another masterclass, this time with Arthur Darvill of Doctor Who fame. He was very nice and down-to-earth and made it feel like a discussion between friends. Danny, one of the kids in the program, was so thrilled to see him and it was precious. Then the day was done and I went home to do more work.

Friday began with Dramatic Criticism. In this class, we were going to be talking about Port and we then proceeded to have a rousing about this interesting play. I love this class taught by Simon because he reminds me so much of Guillaume, my Moliere professor from sophomore year. Then we had a break and had Acting. We continued to do the breaking up into times to work on the scene and I had the last slot of the class. We found out in the middle of the class that there were giant platters of cheese sitting upstairs and I was so happy that I took a block of cheese home for my own enjoyment after eating several in class. We then learned a lot about the life of the man who works in our front office named Chris. It turns out that he is a painter and wishes he could live in the South of France. Then I had my session with Kathy in which the Ides of March (which was this day) really came out to play. Halfway through, the window flew open and knocked the clock off the sill and scared Kathy and I. Then Kathy's necklace got stuck to he sweater and we spent the last five minutes of class trying to figure out out to detach it. Then I went to the Breakfast Club in Spitalfields later that day and realized that the Angel location is much better. Then I came home and Summer, Laura and I went to Hamley's toy store which has existed since 1760. It is this big massive building with all kinds of toys and we then proceeded to find all of our animals from Acting and take a picture of it (included below). We had so much fun seeing all the toys from our childhood and I even managed to buy a present for Rosie (shh, it's a surprise). We then went to a vintage store called Beyond Retro and I got a pair of vintage Ferragamos for only 16 pounds. It was awesome and I enjoyed my night a lot. Then I came home and ate my cheese, drank my wine and watched A League of Their Own.

Saturday began with me watching Miss Congeniality before going off to a tea dance out in Greenwich at the order of Kathy. It gave us all the perfect opportunity to practice the Waltz and Quickstep. The dance was wonderful and our group brought down the age by about fifty years. It was so precious to see this older couples dancing around and not caring if they were even doing the right steps. We all danced around and had fun and were dressed up. Then the dance was over and we came back home to rest for a little bit. Then we were going out for Summer's birthday, which is technically on Monday. Needless to say, we all had a VERY enjoyable time around Leicester square and at the dorm.

Today, St.Patrick's day, I woke up and went with Summer and Christian and Laura down to where we believed that St.Patrick's Day parade would be. We never found the parade but came across the festival that was happening in Trafalgar Square and enjoyed some Irish cheese and potato crisps. Then we returned home in order to do our work, which instead was me watching parts of the first season of Glee. Then we had a dance and stage combat rehearsal and that has been my night. I have managed to memorize a lot of my Vivie speech and have my entire Lady Anne monologue memorized.

And that has been my week. I hope yours was as enjoyable.


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