Sunday, December 26, 2010

And in the end.......

I'd just like to say a belated Merry Christmas to everyone reading! The holidays are always quite hectic because of there is always a lot of family around because my birthday is the 22nd and my cousin's is the 23rd. Then there is Christmas Eve and Christmas which are projects on their own. It's a little bit like herding cats.

My birthday was quite fun by the way. My mom and I plus two of my cousins and two sets of aunt and uncles went to a concert in Berkley. It consisted of a 1960s-style girls band called The Coverlettes. My four-year-old cousin Rose was definitely part of the entertainment because she was pretty enthused about the concert.

Then on the 23rd, My family went into San Francisco for my cousin Timmy's 23rd birthday. We went ice-skating and ate Chinese food.

Then the 24th and 25th consisted of family parties at our house and my aunt and uncle's house. There was a White Elephant and I scored by getting the Awkward Family Photos book. YES!!

And now the Christmas season is over, which makes me sad. The problem with coming back from school so late is that you don't really have the time to enjoy the build-up to Christmas at home.

Two more weeks at home and then back to school on the 8th, which might not happen because of the crazy snowstorms on the Eastern Seaboard. Hopefully it clears.......

Until then, Happy Holidays!


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