Friday, December 31, 2010

Stop worrying where you're going, Move on

With New Year's Eve here, it seems like a good time to become reflective about 2010. It's been an interesting year where I ranged from feeling the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. Many big things have occurred throughout this year. Here is a list of them (this includes some of the more negative ones):

1) Fell In and Out of love
2) Did college auditions
3) Had Mono induced Hepatitis
4) Got rejected from all six schools I auditioned for
5) Got into UC Riverside and Catholic University
6) Spent three weeks in London
7) got stuck in London because of Eyjafjallajökull
8) Lost/gained friendships
9) Went to Prom (which for the inner romantic comedy inside me is a big deal)
10) Graduated from High school
11) Had a summer job
12) Moved to Washington DC ALONE
13) Started Catholic University
14) Finally read Vanity Fair
15) Started a blog!
16) Spent Thanksgiving without any family members, and wasn't sad in the least
17) Witnessed DC's first snow of the season
18) Solidified my relationship with my father (not in a good way)
19) Got myself back to California without any help
20) Turned 19

I know that was an exceptionally long list of "big" things but hey, it's been 365 days of many other things that are just as big. 2010 was a rough year in many aspects but had some shining moments to it. Every year is going to have its problems and in the long run, none of the things that I found detrimental are going to seem like anything. The most important thing I'm going to judge a year by is if I find myself happy in the last moments of it. Because what life is worth living without happiness. In these last moments of 2010, I find myself quite happy sitting in my room surrounded by my books and knowing that even if things fall apart back at home, Washington DC is waiting to greet me in a week. Here's hoping that 2011 will be a better year!

Happy New Year everyone reading!


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