Saturday, May 7, 2011

And have you travelled very far? Far as the eye can see

Hello Everyone!

FRESHMEN YEAR IS OVER!!!! I had my last final today at eight in the morning and now I'm sitting in my dorm attempting to pack everything up, which is going well. I'm leaving campus at one today and then I'm back to the Bay on Monday.

I can't believe how fast time went. It seems like yesterday that I was moving in. And in a blink of an eye, all my stuff is in garbage bags awaiting it's stay at our family friend's house. It makes me so sad. I love my college and I'm not ready to say goodbye to all of my crazy and wonderful drama kids. But I will see them in four months which will be great.

And I'm going to miss Washington DC so much. It is a great city and I have loved getting to know it. I love the fact that I can go see amazing art and the amazing museums and eat Chop't whenever I want. There are no Chop't on the West Coast, it is such a tragedy. How will I get my fix?

But home will be nice as well. I look forward to sleeping in my own bed and not worrying about RAs and annoying neighbors. At least next year, I will have my own room which I can decorate however I want. I'm thinking lots of posters, especially from The Departed.

This year has been great because it has made me be content with who I am and now I don't care what anyone thinks. Thank you Catholic University for that!

Now a pictorial journey of how my room looks now compared to the whole year:



Now as "Baby, You're a Rich Man" plays on my itunes, I say goodbye to Freshmen Year! What a great ending.


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