Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life's a funny proposation after all

Hey Everyone!

So It's November. How did we already get here?!

I just wanted to tell everyone that November is really Reading Month for me. I have two readings this month. One is this weekend at Catholic one day and at Theater J (at Dupont Circle) another day. This play is called Alternative Methods and discusses the use of psychologists in torture in Iraq. It is an amazing play and I am reading stage directions for it (apparently really well). If anyone lives in the DC area they really should come see it. There is a Q and A after the play with some pretty interesting speakers.

The other reading is on November 21st for a play we are doing next semester called Alien Invader. One of the extremely talented MFA playwrights wrote it and it is an amazing play. I'll be playing Danielle in this reading.

I am incredibly excited about both of these readings and they should be fun.

On another note, my huge topics paper rough draft is now done! So I'm halfway through the process which is so relieving. It's surprising how little you can find about Moliere and Feminism.

And I have all my classes for next semester and am already working on my study abroad for Junior year. Things are really lining up for old Tara Costello (30 Rock anyone?)

I hope all of your lives have been just as interesting as mine. I mean Thanksgiving is coming up, a holiday that is slowly growing on me now that I like more types of food.


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