Saturday, October 9, 2010

Everybody is working for the weekend

So, I'm on costume crew for the first show of the year here at CUA: Another Part of the Forest (If you live in the DC area, I suggest you come and see this show, it is absolutely amazing). This weekend is Tech weekend so today I had a 12 hour rehearsal. I don't do that much considering I'm not an actor, but it is still tiring. My job consists of lacing all of the women's corsets and helping with costume quick-changes, as well as helping them dress. I'm enjoying it.

I finally made it down to the Mall on Wednesday, which was the first time I had been there since I moved here. Chelsea and Danielle needed to go find a painting at the National Art Museum and I decided to tag along because I was bored. Walking around the Mall was giving me flash-backs of my eighth grade trip I took to DC and it was a bizarre feeling to think that I ended up going to school in that city I was so excited to see. The weather was perfect when we went there and the weather has been getting nicer each day. It's cooling off which means I get to wear my favorite outfit: a thick sweater and jeans.

Well it's late here and I'm going to relax for a bit before tomorrow when I have to be at one. It's getting down to wire with this show!

The dates are October 14th-17th. Be there, you'll love it!


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