Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mo Ghile Mear

Happy St.Patrick's Day!!!

My family is incredibly Irish. I'm 100% Irish and 2nd generation so this day was always an important day for my mom and I. Typically we would be making soda bread and eating potatoes (no corned beef, I hate it) and listen to Irish music. This year, not much of that is going to be happening except that I get to enjoy a whole new tradition: Catholic University's St.Patrick's Day.

All I can say is: insanity. I've never seen so much green in my life. Most of the school is Irish so today is a massive day for everyone. The weather was perfect today, in the 60s all day. The Pryz was serving Irish food but I avoided it because I really don't trust the food here.

Along with all of this comes the drunk people which is more entertaining then a nuisance. People started this morning at about eight and have been going all day, it's slightly ridiculous. I even think my philosophy professor was drunk this morning because he was behaving even more erratically then he normally does like spilling coffee on himself in the middle of a lecture and telling us about (what I guessed) was his love life. It was very funny and slightly weird.

I just had a rehearsal for a playwrighting cabaret that I am in. It's been a good time. And I'm in another thing called A Lifetime of Secrets which is based off of Postsecret. This a completely Freshmen idea and project and it's been a good way for the Freshmen to work with one another.

Tonight I will most likely drink an incredible amount of Berry's Tea and listen to Irish music which I am doing right now. But who knows what else the night holds.

Have a good St.Patrick's Day


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