Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sell my soul by dropping names

Today has been a long day not helped by the fact that it is raining outside and 39 degrees (though it doesn't feel that cold).

Nothing that exciting happened today except that I had rehearsal with my scene partner. It was awful. This kid is a child and completely pretentious. He gets mad if I dare to give him a note (because I can't help it that my directer side comes out a little bit doing this) and then turns around and gives me the world's worst acting notes. I really just want to yell at him that he doesn't know anything about acting and should keep his mouth shut. But I obviously didn't say anything. I'm so sick of dealing with someone who believes that anyone can act or give notes on it and that the great teachers such as Uta Hagan and Stanislavsky are silly and annoying.

After that long rant, I have for you another part of the Music Challenge.

Day 3- a song that makes you happy

Yet again, so many songs could fit under this heading. But this one song never ceases to have me dancing around my dorm, smiling and singing. Maybe this song is kind of how I feel. It just feels so happy in it's melody and the awesome piano parts. I also enjoy this artist a lot more when he is live.

Enjoy this song! Hopefully it makes you happy too! I know it's making me happy.


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