Monday, September 20, 2010

I got sunshine on a cloudy day

So, Today I got back my first essay that I wrote for Drama. Our TA for the class, Sasha, told us that he is very harsh in grading on the first essay. I was figuring that I would be lucky to garner a C on the essay because I had incredible trouble attempting to write this essay. I got the essay back and I got an A-! It felt good, but I can't let it get to me because I have another essay due on Friday.

Speaking of classes, I had Astronomy today and the guest teacher we had did not understand the idea that once she finished reading a slide, it did not mean that we were done writing down the information. Our class had to yell out a few times to make her go back. I ended up writing four pages of notes in 50 minutes. Fun.

I also have joined many clubs here at CUA. For example: Fencing Club, CUA Ballroom dance team, and the Town and Gown choir. Basically, I'm never free at nights. Plus, I have Freshmen showcase for Drama in October. I'm excited about that.

Oh also, I am involved in a reading of a new play. There are three of us who are going to read the play and have it recorded for the playwright. This is done so that he can hear how the play sounds.

On Saturday night, My suitemates and I, along with our new favorite person Katie, went to a party at the Baseball House. It was kind of lame, very hot and crowded. We had to bring along guys with us because the house is off-campus and two out of the three guys were weird. They were room-mates and they were equally weird. One, Bill, didn't seem to have a grasp on thinking and the other Kyle, told us how he wanted to shoot all the Gay people in the world. I was incredibly offended and had to leave so that I didn't punch him in the face. Avoid that fun duo. The other guy Kevin was totally fine, just quiet.

Now I'm sitting in my room listening to my 1960's playlist on itunes and am quite happy. Chances are I'll re-watch Mad Men, who knows? Have a great day!


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