Friday, September 3, 2010

Don't pass me by

So I auditioned for the fall semester shows this year at CUA about two days ago. The two shows are Another Part of the Forest by Lillian Hellman and Whales by one of the grad students. I was nervous about the audition considering I was a freshmen auditioning against grad students. The audition went fine and I was so happy about the fact that when I left the room, one of the seniors told me that I sounded great.

The next day, I discovered that I had gotten a call-back for Another Part of the Forest as the part of Laurette. So had six other girls, so I figured that I wouldn't end up being cast (which I wasn't) but I had never been to a call-back so I was extremely happy.

The call-back was about two hours long and I only was in the audition room for about five minutes. I had to read one of the scenes with one of the grad students, Chris, but I found it great to act with someone who has had a lot more experience then me.

Plus it's rare for a freshmen to be called back for the first show because they are so new, so my self-esteem just got a little better.

The gist of this long tangent was that I find myself extremely happy to be at CUA. Last night, I spent the whole night hanging out with some girls in my dorm and then stayed up to celebrate my friend Mary's birthday at midnight on the steps of the Basilica.

It's cloudy here because of hurricane Earl. Cloudy weather is normal for me so I love it. I have one more class then it's a three day weekend!!!

Hope you all have a good Labor Day holiday and thank you for reading!


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  1. Congrats on the call-back! Love hearing about your life at CUA!!!