Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You're riding high in April, shot down in May

So today is my second day of college classes. I am loving the schedule I have. I'm down everyday before 3:30 and have three classes a day, many of which I have hour-long breaks between(right now is one, for example). I should be reading The Republic right now, but instead I'm blogging.

On Sunday, we had our last day of orientation which consisted of an "excursion" to some part of Washington, DC. I chose to go to Georgetown because I had seen everything else. There was a massive group of us and once we got off the Metro in Georgetown, everyone broke up and went off with different people. I spent the whole day with two kids: Mary (who is in my major) and Sebastien (who kind of just ended up with us. Our first stop was Georgetown Cupcake, which had a line around the block which I related to Sprinkles in LA. The long line was totally worth it and Mary and I decided that we would be going back there a lot throughout the semester. We then wandered around Georgetown and went and visited the college's campus. People assumed that we were students there, which was quite a compliment. Georgetown has beautiful buildings and a great neighborhood but CUA accuately has a campus with room.

The first day of classes was overwhelming but I had this strange feeling that I was still in high school. I got lost on my way to Astronomy and when I asked for help, the man I asked found out my major and began to tell me about how there was a government project that drama majors were good at because they take direction well. Nice to know, but not all that helpful at the time.

Later that day, we had a barbaque for Drama so that everyone could meet each other. Everyone was exceptionally nice and I was amazingly happy to be in that major. We took pictures which will be displayed in the main office of the drama building. Auditions for fall shows are tonight and I am slightly nervous.

Later that night, Linda (my room-mate) and I had a visit from Fr. Jude, who was stopping by to see how our first day went. Fr.Jude is in one of the highest positions on campus, at the same level as the President. The visit made me feel exceptionally happy to be at CUA. Then I had to go out and do my Astronomy project, which consists of studying the moon's position every night until October 1. I sat by the Pryz (our student center) and drew the moon while marveling at the sheer beauty of the campus at night.

I know that I have talked enough for many posts but I felt like telling all. Thanks for reading!


P.S: The title comes from the Sinatra song "That's life". I was really stressed before I came to school and now I feel a lot better. Now the title makes sense to you.

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