Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some people choose the city

So I'm in my third day of orientation at CUA! Just one more day to go of orientation before classes start. I really would have been fine with orientation being about two days because now I'm excited for classes to start.

After never having seen the campus and not knowing anyone, I had multiple panic attacks that I wasn't ready to go to college or that I would hate it or fail out of school. Once I had moved in, I felt totally better. The campus is as gorgeous as the pictures and everyone here is friendly. The partying-room mate issue is not an issue in my dorm and my major is small enough that I can feel comfortable with everyone.

But it's still college and the girls in the two rooms across the hall have decided that they should get a head-start on the Animal House lifestyle. The first night, my room-mate and I were ready to go to sleep and one of the girls loudly stated that she'd "never been so wasted in her life." Great to know.

But it's only been two days and I'm excited. I'll keep you updated throughout the year.


P.S: I decided to quote Philadelphia Freedom because it's about a city, a good song, and half the people at CUA are from there or as I learned, ROP (Right Outside Philadelphia)

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