Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am what I wear and how I dress

Since my trip to London in April, I've had this infatuation with British designers. Maybe it was the fact that every person I saw in London was dressed how I would love to dress, but I came back with this immense hankering to buy lots of British clothes.

ModCloth has been able to appease my desire for British designers, though the prices are a bit steep due to shipping and what not. Anyway here are some favorites:

1) Vivien Of Holloway

2) Criminal Damage (the tattoos ain't my thing, but the dress is)

3) Gonsalves and Hall ( no images, but I found them at Spitalfields market)

4) There was also lots of killer vintage stores in London, really need to go back to those someday

But for anyone going to London, my absolute favorite places to finding anything was Spitalfields Market and the Camden/ Buck Street market (which appears sketchy but isn't that bad)

There are many reasons I want to do a semester or year abroad in London, one of which is fashion.

(The title is in reference to "My Strongest Suit" from the musical Aida, not my personal philosophy)


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