Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wait, Do you see my heart on my sleeve?

I'm sitting at work, which I've been at for about twelve minutes. Only five more hours! My boss made sure to tell me that I can set an ambiance for the store by playing music, it should never be silent. So I'm listening to Adele, who is an amazing singer/songwriter and Billie Holiday. So it's not that bad right now.

I got back from Tahoe on Friday and my mother brought me back to reality by telling me that I leave in a week and a half for DC. I'm stressing out a lot about. The notion that I'm moving 3000 miles away in eleven days is finally dawning on me. I went dorm shopping yesterday which helped me calm down a lot because now I'm excited to decorate my dorm. I also found out who the person from Marin was that is going to CUA. She went to Marin Catholic and won Miss US Jr. Teen. I've never met anyone whose done pageants, especially in Marin. College will be interesting.

I'm definitely going to miss Mill Valley and Marin. Here's a list of things I'll miss:

1) The eccentric people of Marin, mainly people like the old hippies
2) San Fransisco
3) The ocean
4) lack of a winter and humid summers
5) Mill Valley Market
6) Conservatory Theatre Ensemble (my high school drama program)
7) knowing lots of people
8) Tam High teachers (we have some crazy ones)
9) My house (of course)

It's a short list but that was all I could think of. Well, time for new experiences.

And on a different note, here are some of the pictures I promised from Tahoe:

Emerald Bay

The most adorable four-year-old ever

The amazing Bathing Beauty swimsuit from ModCloth

I'm generally never comfortable in a swimsuit because I always had to wear bikinis because you could buy two separate sizes but a Mad Men quote summed up how I felt about that:

"A bikini is underwear you wear to the beach"

So I finally found a one-piece that fits! Yeah!!!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this long post. Thanks for reading!


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