Monday, August 2, 2010

Brush Up Your Shakespeare...

Start quoting him now!

So I just got back tonight from Ashland, Oregon where the famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival (hence why I used the Kiss Me, Kate song as the blog post title) takes place every year. This was actually their 75th anniversary! In the course of two days, my mom and I saw three plays: She Loves Me, Hamlet, and The Merchant of Venice. The shows were incredible, especially the lighting and sound on Hamlet. Oh, I almost died of amazement! If any of you readers have a chance to go to the festival, do it. You will be completely amazed.

While up in Ashland, I met a girl who is going to be a freshmen as well at CUA. The story is rather interesting how we came to meet. She actually works at the Bed & Breakfast that my mom and I stayed at. Pure coincidence! She proved to be a very nice girl and I'm glad that I got to meet someone before I go back.

Now that our little trip is over, I have to get back to the grind of work and preparing monologues for fall show auditions. Luckily, I get plenty of time to read my new book, Through A Glass Darkly at work after having finished Wideacre a few days ago.

Now for a literature tangent. Wideacre has got to be one of the most horrifying books I have ever read. The main character Beatrice is what is described as an anti-hero, which is someone who is the main character and lacks heroic qualities. Victor Frankenstein is an example. Beatrice is a combination (in my mind) of my three favorite literary characters: Scarlet O'Hara, Rebecca Sharp, and Milady DeWinter. Except that Beatrice goes above and beyond in the path towards being morally reprehensible: she commits incest, with a completely lack of any guilt. I know this is a major spoiler of the novel, but I feel that it is necessary to put out so that anyone who plans to read the book may prepare for this. The book is quite good and a page-turner, but I felt dirty reading it and that I should bathe in Lysol after I finished. Good book, but not for the faint-hearted, like Titus Andronicus.

End literature tangent.

I can't believe that I leave in about three weeks for DC! I still have so much to do! But more on that later.

An exceptionally wordy post today, I'm sorry. I just felt a need to talk about a lot of stuff after being MIA for a few days. I hope you enjoyed it!


P.S: I watched the movie Ed Wood on Friday and let's say it is quite hilarious,Tim Burton did a great job. I suggest that you watch one of Ed Wood's actual movies before this because it makes it even better. I'd seen Plan 9 From Outer Space (What happened to plans 1 through 8?)

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