Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You should wear some flowers in your hair

So, I'm into my second week of college classes and have a break right now between philosophy and English. Yesterday (Labor Day), All of CUA seemed to be stuck inside doing homework. But that didn't mean that we couldn't have a good day.

The night before, I had gone out to a club/bar for a friend's eighteenth birthday and when I got back to the dorm, I desperately needed a shower because many drunk people jumping off the bar had spilled beer on me.

My room-mates were laughing at me because I would turn the water off when I was putting soap on. They have now decided to call me "Flower Child" being that I'm a hippie from San Francisco because I conserve water. I explained that I do this out of habit because we always had droughts in California.

Last night, we decided to watch 13 Going On 30 and at around ten, one of the girls from the Animal House-room came over to tell us to "be quiet because they were trying to sleep". Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. If I remember, they are generally the ones that enjoy to scream at two in the morning. But whatever, we closed the door and all was better.

Now I'm listening to a CD my suite-mate Chelsea made for me. It was so sweet of her, I've never had anyone make me a CD.

Well, I have to go run and print out my English paper. Already had one of those, Fun. Have a good day.


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