Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birds cuddle down in their nest


The weather in DC is perfect today which was really nice because today started out poorly. I had to talk to my Spanish teacher about why I got some grades and she annoyed me to no end. Completely frustrated, I went to my Stagecraft class and had to take a quiz on sewing. It really was not that bad because I made my stitches look good and knew how to use the machine.

My day got better when I was asked by one of the MFA directors to be in his quickfire along with Bobby, a fellow drama freshmen. It was very interesting and then I returned to work which was fun because I sat with Cara, an MA student who works with me, and talked about all of the interesting people involved in Cymbeline. The time flew so quickly that I didn't even realize it was time to go. Now I'm sitting in my room working on theology and philosophy which is not fun.

I have tech again tonight. Hopefully it will go better this time

Onto the Music Challenge!

Day 10- a song that makes you fall asleep

I had to create a playlist for myself a while back to help me sleep because I have having issues falling asleep. Most of the music is classical and come from a CD entitled: "The Most relaxing Classical music in the Universe". Epic name. The others are random things that relax me. This particular song is what my grandmother wants me to sing at her funeral. Bing Crosby sings it and his voice is so soothing that it helps me fall asleep. I also love 1940s music so I feel happy falling asleep to it.



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