Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't the moon look good shining through the trees


Today was Odyssey Day here at Catholic. Basically it's a day where the prospective freshmen come and see the school and get tours and everything. I lead a few tours in the theater today and while they had a workshop, I sat outside with the rest of us giving tours and argued about weather Dale Febus was a real person (HE'S NOT!!!). The weather is amazing today so sitting outside was so nice. It also was a great feeling to know that I will no longer be the youngest in the department anymore!

We have another show tonight which I have to go to in an hour. Hopefully the freshmen I met today will come see the show because right now only 38 people have tickets. How sad. Again, it is an amazing show, come see it at 7:30 tonight!

Now, onto the Music Challenge!

Day 19- a song from your favorite album

Throughout the course of my life, I have had many favorite albums. For many years it was the soundtrack from The Lion King (that was during Elementary school). Then it progressed to many Broadway soundtracks and then it went to actual albums in high school by real musicians. The thing is with the introduction of itunes, it is easier to just buy certain songs from albums so sometimes you will never know the whole album. Right now, my favorites are and probably will forever be Abbey Road and Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band as well as the "Best of" Frank Sinatra album. This album which this song is from is my favorite non-Beatles album. This album makes me feel level-headed and makes me feel very happy which is such a surprise. Every night when I come back from a party, I listen to this album.



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