Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's just a shot away


The weather is amazing here right now and it makes me so happy. I wish I didn't have the show tonight! But I do and everyone should come see it because it honestly is a very good show.

Speaking of Shakespeare, I stumbled upon yesterday videos on Sparknotes of the synopsis of various plays by Shakespeare along with illustrations. They are ridiculous and funny and helpful for the plays I didn't know. King Lear is probably the funniest because the play is so complicated and the explanations are crazy.

The show was a little crazy tonight and I almost fell asleep but it's done now.(I finished writing this post after the show)

Onto the Music Challenge!

Day 18- a song you wished you heard on the radio

I have many songs I wish I could hear on the radio. This particular song is awesome and I've had it stuck in my head for days. It would be my ultimate driving song. I've even mentioned in these posts before.

Enjoy these things!


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