Monday, April 4, 2011

Try to a suckcess

Today we had our first full run of the show in Tech. It was insanity. All of the light cues went fine with the exception of maybe two but the sound cues were so off, it was hilarious. I felt bad for the girl that was running the board because none of it was her fault, it all had to do with the insane oldness of the theater. The messed-up sound cues were stressing me out because I kept here them fail because we were all on headset. I'm in such a state of mental exhaustion that everything on this planet is hilarious. Tomorrow was supposed to be our preview but I highly doubt that it is going to be happening. Oh well, at least all of my cues were working.

Onto the Music Challenge

Day 8- a song that you know all the words to

So, Many songs could apply to this category because I make it a goal of mine to know all the songs on my itunes. The reason I know all the words to this song is that I liked the song and decided that I would learn the words. The song is fairly fast paced so that was a major goal of memorizing the songs. I know it so much that I randomly have half the lyrics of the song written in my philosophy notebook.

Enjoy both the awesome video and the song!


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