Monday, April 25, 2011

You're so like the lady with the mystic smile

Hello Everyone!

Classes start up again tomorrow but Guess what? I have four days of classes left, for the WHOLE YEAR!!! I can't believe that I have finished my freshmen year of college. It feels like yesterday that I was walking into Tam High, completely overwhelmed by the Seniors yelling stuff at me for my first day of high school. Time, slow down please!

Today was an uneventful day because I hadn't thought to plan anything for today. The weather is amazing though so I went down to Chinatown and wandered around again. Hopefully it stays this nice for the rest of the semester, which has only two weeks (not even) left.

My major problem right now is that I have a theology paper due on the day of the final as well as a final test. It makes me so angry, why can't my teacher just pick one? She also wants a rough draft of it this Thursday and I have an acting paper due that day. Ms.Berry, why so much work?! Other then that, my acting paper is already half-way done and all I have left are my final tests next week. Stress will probably rise tomorrow.

Anyway, onto the Music Challenge!

Day 29- a song from your childhood

I generally like songs a lot more if I can relate them to something back in my childhood. I have a playlist on itunes dedicated to them. A lot of these songs come from my two year stint in which I was in the children's chorus for British Pantomime shows in elementary school. Some come from favorite movies such as The Sound of Music of The Parent Trap (the Lohan version), as well as the greatest Disney movie time period. Even as a child, I was an old-soul with my taste in music. This particular song has a great memory attached to it.

I was at a fourth of July block party when I was six in San Diego. There was a karaoke machine and everyone was singing random songs. I remember one girl singing "Crazy" by Britney Spears. I got up and and sang this particular song and all of the parents were in disbelief and slightly awed. I knew this song because my mom had always been playing his CD in our house.

Enjoy and heres hoping I make through the next two weeks!


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