Sunday, April 17, 2011

If you ever need a helping hand

Hey everyone!

Cymbeline is done!

I had strike after the show and I am sleepy and feel like my arms weigh as much as the weights I had to lift on the loading dock which is 90 feet in the air. Strike was accualty a wonderfully fun time today and I normally hate strike. I don;t know what made it fun, but something did.

Now I have my time back to myself and I have three days of classes this week and then Easter which equals: SO MUCH TIME! I do have to do homework over the break which will not be fun but it has to be done. Then school is done two weeks later! I cannot believe it! I'll be done with my Freshmen year of college. Thank god.

I need to go to sleep soon because I have to register for classes tomorrow at seven am so I have to wake up early to make sure to get the classes I want.

Now onto the Music Challenge!

Day 21- a song you listen to when you are happy

This is perfect for this very moment because I am super happy. I listen to many songs when I am happy so it's hard to pick just one. Mainly I'll bust something out by the Beatles (big surprise). Music has a tendency of making me happy or maintaining my happiness so I can't seem to choose. But here is one. It came on my Pandora the other day and it just buoyed my happiness.

Enjoy this mood-lifter of a song!


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