Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You're gonna believe them

Hey everyone!

DC is bipolar because the weather today was rainy and cold. Make up your mind DC! Today was a good day minus the weather. I went to Union Station today to get free ice cream at Ben and Jerry's after class and it was a nice way to end the day. Tomorrow is a reading day which means we have no classes so that makes me happy. I still have some work to do tomorrow but I won't have as much. Yeah!

Now onto the Music Challenge!

Day 16- a song you used to love but now you hate

I have trouble thinking of a song for this category mainly because I forget what songs I don't like because I never listen to them. On my itunes I have songs that I don't listen to often but other then that, I'm not sure. Now hate is a very strong word for this situation so I instead will choose "tired of hearing". I don't want to listen to this artist because my roommate never stops listening to the same songs by this artist over and over again. I'm tired of it




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