Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The kid is not my son

Hey all!

I'm back from my fourth day of tech and it still was rough. Today was our Preview which was complete with a few stops in which we programmed new light cues and such. It's a real joy (note sarcasm). The lights went all right except for the one time that the volume was down on my headset and I missed a cue and when I skipped forward to a cue that was not conducive to the scene we were in. Awkward.

Tomorrow another day of Tech and then the show opens on Thursday! Any one that lives in the DC area should come and see it. It runs April 7th-17th. It's a great show and you can see the wonderful lights that I've worked hard on to happen at the right time.

Now, onto the Music Challenge!

Day 9 - a song that you can dance to

Yet again, so many song choices. I have a playlist on my itunes entitled "Dance-a-thon status music" named after a CTE fundraiser from high school. Dance-a-thon was ten hours of dancing with music mixes created by groups of seniors. This song (which was my song choice) was on my particular playlist which was considered one of the front runners of 2010's Dance-a-thon. This song was also appreciated and liked because it was not from the last year and hadn't been on anyone elses playlist. I take full credit for that.


Enjoy and rock out!


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