Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No matter what the future brings


Easter Break officially started today and I celebrated by going to Chinatown and wandering around because the weather is superb here. Right now, it's 82 degrees. Ahh, so nice. I'm staying in DC for this break so I will get plenty of time to myself. I am very excited about it.

Anyway, last night's post was rather hasty because I was tired and didn't feel like going into too much. I had dinner with my dad last night which needless to say, I was not looking forward to. Th dinner was good while the company was boring.

Today was a better day. I had a Spanish oral exam and then had Theater 2. Work today was uneventful other then I had training for my new job I'm getting next year! I also helped to take pictures of our marquee and assemble a picnic table. The weather was perfect for it.

I finally get to sleep as long as I want this break which I haven't done in eons. That will be very nice.

Now onto the Music Challenge!

Day 24- a song you want played at your funeral

Generally, I don't like to think about death because I'm not ready to die. I still have so many things I need to do in my life. This song seems to some up how I feel about life sometimes. It was a toss-up between this and Sinatra's "That's Life". This is a song I would also liked played at my wedding so I guess I have large connection to this song. It's so wonderful.



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